Semi-auto tin can jar sealing machine
Semi-auto tin can jar sealing machine
tin can seamer machine
Automatic Tin And Can Sealer
Semi Automatic Canning Machine Tin Can Sealing Capping Machine

Product description:                                                                                     

It is economical electric cans sealing machine,suitable for sealing various round cans,such as metal cans, glass cans, plastic cans, paper cans,aluminum cans etc.Machine comes with pedal switch,simple and light structure,easy and safe use,reliable quality,widely used in food, drink, health care industries.


Product features:                                                                                           

1.Reliable Quality, simple and convenient operation. This semi automatic can capping machine is an ideal equipment for the food, drinks, tea and other industries essential.

2.Customzied service is available. According to customer different can size.

3.This semi automatic can capping machine is suitable for small capacity production, economic price.

Technology Parameters                                                                                




AC 220v /50 hz 110v / 60 hz


0.37 kw

Can seal height

39-200 mm(can customize if bigger size)

Can seal diameter

39-150 mm


15 bottles/min

Machine size

600*340*840 mm

Packing Size

800*350*940 mm


65 kg




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